Peking Duck


There is something different about the way Peking duck is served at Fortune Garden restaurant compared to other Chinese restaurants in Vancouver. They serve it with just the crispy skin with not even the tiniest bit of meat left on it. If you grew up in Vancouver and never visited Beijing, you would think that the right away to eat it is with duck meat sliced with the crispy skin since that is how all the other restaurants serve it! Fortune Garden might be one of the few that only serve it with the thinly sliced crispy skin only and I actually think the Chinese from Van don’t enjoy it without the meat! When we went to Beijing, they separate it completely and serve the skin without any meat attached to it either. I haven’t actually asked anyone from Beijing which way is the traditional way. If you are from Beijing, I welcome your comments here. This dish is served with spring onion, cucumbers and seafood sauce. The duck meat is served as part of a second dish stir-fried and you wrap that with lettuce.

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