Royal Seoul House, Vancouver

The Royal Seoul House in Vancouver is one of our favourite stops when we’re hungry and want a lot of variety. Their lunch special goes for $20/person (the price was recently raised from $15, and even at $20 still represents an amazing value) and offers up a 12-course feast with each dish served family-sharing style.

The meal starts off with a hot pumpkin and a cold kimchi soup.


After that comes salad, a cold mungbean noodle salad.


Then hot potato noodles (japchae) with beef.


The next dish is a bit of an oddity but very tasty. This is a rice noodle with squid, leeks and various vegetables mixed into a gochujang hot sauce. The spiciness, like most of the other dishes in the set is just right from a spiciness standpoint.


Bossam pork is pork belly boiled in spices thinly sliced. It’s served Royal Seoul House style with thin sheets of pickled daikon with what I think was kimchied bamboo shoots. If you can, try and eat it all together in one bite in an explosion of crunchy, fatty, meaty, chewy, savoury, spicy, tart flavours. This is easily the high point of the meal. If you’re feeling adventurous, throw in a dab of the fermented bean paste to add a whole other dimension.


Sweet and sour deep fried pork chop is next up. I’m not a huge fan, but it’s a nice break from the spiciness and savouriness of everything that has come before.


There’s also mackerel, some fried calamari, a beef dish (all pictured in the first photo), the seafood pancake (main image) and a spicy seafood tofu soup (not pictured). The soup is served with a bowl of white rice.

Eating here is always a great time. In our case, we came with some friends, old and new, and sat down and chatted for almost 3 hours while making our way through this veritable feast. Highly recommended if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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