Laniwai Spa at Aulani Disney Resort Honolulu, Hawaii

 Thank you for the most relaxing organic facial and lomilomi massage. I enjoyed using their hydrotherapy garden and pools with different temperatures. Laniwai Spa is within the Aulani Disney Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii. You get a complimentary personalized body polish at the Pula Bar with your treatment. It is a fancy name for a luxurious body exfoliant made of Hawaiian fragrances, cane sugar, sea salt, moisturizing oils (macadamia, kukui nut or jojoba), and Hawaiian herbs. You will use it in the shower before the treatments. When you first walk in, they will ask you to choose a stone and return it to the fountain. There is a word on the stone telling you what you should focus on. I got the word listen. At the end of the treatment, you receive the stone as a souvenir. The service was first class which I expect from a Disney Spa. If you are in the Ko Olina area of Honolulu, I recommend you staying at the Disney resort and spending at least half a day at the spa! We stayed a total of 9 days at the resort. We found a deal on West Jet vacations flight and hotel included. It is an oasis compared to the hustle and bustle in Waikiki.

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