My hubby got me a one month summer pass to try out the facilities and I have loved it since. Now, I have the 10 class pass which is valid for 6 months. It is $160 plus tax . I like the flexibility of being able to drop into any of their locations and at the time that works for my schedule. I love going to the West 4th location because of this beautiful patio outside where you can unwind even though it’s not by the beach or at a resort. The downtown location has the spa attached to it which is nice before and after classes. I also go to the West 6th location, but that one has one room and gets a little crowded. Yyoga offers everything from yoga and pilates to cycling classes and TRX. It is for all levels and you don’t have to be super fit to join many of their beginner classes. I also use their iphone APP to book my classes in advance so I don’t have to go and find out that a class is full! It’s really convenient!


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  1. sonderdays says:

    I love YYoga! I got a 10 class pass once when they had a discount (around $99) and had a great experience. I find them a little too pricey to maintain a full membership though.
    I recently got a GroupOn from Semperviva – $99 for three months UNLIMITED! The studios are pretty nice, and they have 4 locations and loads of class times. I’d prefer YYoga just because of the lovely studios but the cost outweighs the benefits.
    Nice post!


    1. Thank you for letting me know! I will give it a try sometime!

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