HR MacMillan Space Centre

The HR MacMillan Space Centre is located at 1100 Chestnut Street at the Vanier Park. It is conveniently located beside the Museum of Vancouver. It is a must visit attraction if you live in Vancouver or if you are visiting us from around the world. They have exhibits and space shows in the theatre to educate and inspire your sense of wonder about the solar system, space, planets, and the Universe. My kid watched a show when she was 2 and was able to sit through almost all of it. If you have motion sickness, you may want to skip the theatre depending on which show. Even adults have a lot of fun inside this museum.

I will let you in on a secret. It is a secret because whenever I ask a Vancouverite, they don’t know about it. And when you ask a tourist if they have been, they haven’t heard about it. So, please visit if you have a chance! Right beside the space centre is the Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory which opens in the evening by donation. We are so lucky to live so close to an Observatory! It’s in the middle of the city and its easily accessible without hiking up volcanoes. I think people in Hawaii have to drive somewhere far and hike up volcanoes to go to the observatory!

If you are stare gazers, you must go on a clear night. This place is perfect for a date night if you don’t mind the kids!

Visit their website for more details


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