IL Buco, New York

 The reason why we booked Il Buco is the amazing chef behind the restaurant. It’s a very cozy and warm setting. It serves Mediterranean Italian dishes. We chose to sit outside on the wooden bench beautifully decorated with flowers. We ordered the Catalonian spiced seared Spanish octopus and the pasta with Uni. The octopus tasted really good with the chickpeas and spices. I never thought of eating it together until I saw this dish. Uni pasta, I don’t think I have to comment on how good it was. Both dishes tasted delicious and I was craving for more except we had other restaurants lined up!

I took this from their website so I don’t miss anything out. This is a bit about the chef.

CHEF Roger Martinez

“Roger Martinez was born in Barcelona, Spain. He attended in La Escuela Hosteleria de Girona from age 14, where Joan Roca was his primary mentor in the kitchen. During the 5 years of study under Roca, Roger did many stages in Roca’s Michelin 3-Star restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca in Girona. He then worked in several other distinctive restaurants in Barcelona such as Port de la Selva, Bel-Air, Aparthotel Prisma before becoming part of the team of Ferran Adria in his second restaurant in Barcelona, Talaia Mar, where he worked for 5 ½ years to become the chef de cuisine. During this period (1995-2000) he also spent a considerable amount of time working directly with Ferran at il Bulli in Rosas.”


IL Buco is located at 47 Bond Street in the heart of NOHO.

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