Exclusive interview: photographer Nikola Strbac, New York


I had an opportunity to meet Nikola Strbac while I was in New York for vacation. He was my model (not planned) for my Monocle photoshoot a few weeks ago and we began chatting. I fell in love with his style in photography since I am interested in architecture myself. I actually didn’t find out he was an artist with a painting degree from Bard College until recently. He moved to New York after he graduated.

Nikola was born in Belgrade and moved to the US in 1993. His work focuses on modernist architecture. I asked him about his best piece of work and he said he always wants better so it’s hard to say which one. He sounds like a perfectionist to me.

I asked a few questions and I am sure you are curious too.

What is your theme or subject in photography?

“I have always been interested in shooting architecture, since I took my first photo class in college. I loved shooting the buildings around campus in different lights and without people. When I moved to New York I wanted to shoot fashion for years, until I realized I was really much more interested in architecture, including street scenes, interiors and architectural details. I like contrast of an idealized representation vs. a realistic one. I get inspired by the beauty of a construction site as much, if not more than, as the building being constructed.”

Which is your favourite city to photograph?

“My favorite city to photograph is Belgrade, Serbia, the city I grew up in so it holds a special place in my psychological make up. It’s as if by shooting it while I’m there I try to transport it back to my life here, in New York.”

Which camera do you love shooting with?

“I honestly love using my iPhone camera the best. While the results of shooting with Mamiya RB 67 on 120 film are obviously much higher quality, the ease and spontaneity of shooting with iPhone.”

I have included his website


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