Brushstroke, Michelin 1 star, New York

This was one of the best meals we had in New York in terms of Japanese cuisine. The reason why I chose this restaurant was because it is the only restaurant in New York in the same building with another Michelin star kitchen. Brush Stroke is a collaboration between Chef David Bouley and the Tsuji Culinary Institute serving Kaiseki.

We had Kaiseki in Japan and the most memorable experience was in Kyoto. Kaiseki is a multi course tasting menu with seasonal ingredients. Each dish progresses in flavours and sensations. For me, it was visually stimulating as well to see the beautiful presentation and the thought put into each dish. I felt like I was at a theatre watching a show. I never compare kaiseki meals since the ingredients are seasonal and each chef has their own interpretation.

From the moment I walked in, I noticed the attention to detail. Every dish placed in front of me was described in great detail, with a description of all the ingredients used. In addition, they took the time to explain the chefs’ thoughts on why they created each dish and some tips from the chefs on how to eat the meal. The servers brought the dishes over like it was a synchronized performance. There were times when I almost forgot to take a picture because it looked so delicious, I just wanted to taste it right away. I tried to take a very quick picture so the food stays the temperature it is supposed to be enjoyed at.

The interior was mainly wood and very airy, giving an organic and warm feeling when you walk in.  It felt like I was invited into a chef’s home. 

Preparing the ingredients for the Kaiseki, I didn’t count, but there were many chefs in the kitchen. Chef Isao Yamada (not pictured) is the head chef of Brushstroke.

I ordered the competition grade green tea. It was expensive but I didn’t pay for the most expensive one which was $120US

We started with an amuse bouche.  Smoked salmon, avocado and Yuzu on crackers.

Pacific jumbo oyster, uni, lemon foam 

Golden crab chawanmushi truffle

Portugal octopus with squid ink and leek vinegar.


Lobster and scallop shinjo with shitake mushroom

Aged Oregon washi beef flat iron yuba ankeke don

Hojicha tea pudding with soy beans

Truffle ice cream with honey and almonds

Brushstroke is very deserving of its Michelin star. The food, the creativity, the execution, the ambience, and the overall experience were all just right. We appreciated the dedication, pursuit of excellence and love and care that gets put into a meal like this. I also brought my 3-year-old daughter and she ate almost everything. She is a foodie and a very picky eater and she didn’t ask to leave during this multi-course lunch. Don’t underestimate a 3 year old that has been eating the world with us.
Thank you Chef Isao Yamada and everyone who have prepared our meal that day.
Some behind the scenes.

Please see their website for more information:

brushstroke main

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