JJ Bean, Cambie, Vancouver

Cappuccino and almond croissant to end a photoshoot at Walrus across the street. Their article will be up in the next few days! Watch out for it!

I went to JJ Bean on Cambie today at the corner of West 18th. 
I love reading about the story behind a company. I haven’t met the owners yet but I hope to one day and write my story about them and ask the questions I want to ask. My goal is to connect the community of Vancouver and tell real stories of real people.

I got this from their website:

“The Neate family has been roasting coffee in Vancouver for four generations. In 1996, John Neate Jr. (JJ) created a company of coffee lovers called JJ Bean.

We believe people have intrinsic value. For that reason, we seek to honour our coffee producers, our staff, and ultimately our customers by only serving the freshest coffee possible.

To this end, we source the highest quality green coffee and roast it in small batches daily, always guided by the same motto: the best taste wins.”

When someone asks me about the pastries at JJ Bean, first thing that comes to mind is the size. It’s double of what is usually served at other bakeries. You need to be hungry or share! Always fresh and try their ricotta muffins and croissants.

They even have coffee subscription now!

Our Coffees

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