Yokohama, Japan

Yokohama, Japan is the second largest city in Japan and it took us about half and hour to get there from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. If you are familiar with Japan, their trains are one of the most convenient and advanced transportation systems in the world. You can get to so many places within a day and the trains are never late! Let’s not discuss about our Canada line in Vancouver and what happens when there are maintenance issues or some delays…

For accommodations, I recommend staying in the area called Minato Mirai 21. I don’t like to name hotels, the reason being everybody has their own expectations when they are looking for a hotel and a different budget. I will always advise you which area and you will need to do some research yourself. For now, enjoy the beautiful views of Yokohama until the next post on some of the food we ate, what to do there and much more!


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