Otafuku x Medetai, New York vs Gyu Kaku Taiyaki Vancouver

I was looking for Japanese food in New York and stumbled upon the website for Otafuku. Sobaya is just across the street. We went to both places and will talk about Sobaya another time. Otafuku is more of a takeout/picnic type restaurant with a couple seats.  I tried their Takoyaki (ball shaped pancake stuffed with octopus seasoned with seaweed, bonito flakes, their mayo) and medetai (fish shaped pastry stuffed with chocolate and banana) It was just delicious and reminded me of Japan. We enjoyed the sunshine and sat outside on the bench. You can find them here


Flying back to Vancouver, we tried grilling our own taiyaki(fish shaped cake or pastry filled with red bean) at Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ on Broadway. It was filled with red bean instead of chocolate banana. Both places are good but I prefer to eat it piping hot! Don’t burn yourself!


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