33 Acres Brewing, Vancouver

When you think about where to get a beer in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver, 33 Acres come to mind. What about coffee? I don’t drink beer, but I am a coffee addict. I walked in with my kid after school today and casually asked for a milk because she was very thirsty. It did seem like she was the first one to ever ask for a milk since they only serve beers, coffee, and food. I was very happy that instead of saying “no, we don’t have milk”, they happily poured her a glass of milk. I wanted to order the affogato, expresso drizzled over Earnest ice cream. Yes, the have affogattos!!! Unfortunately, the ice cream had beer and she couldn’t have any, so I switched to a dark chocolate cookie and a capuccino. She offered me one bite of the cookie and dropped the last bite.

Owen, made my coffee today and I love the coffee art. The coffee was predominately rich and earthy and the acidity was crisp and had a lingering finish. I am still learning to describe coffee and even though our coffee culture is strong in Vancouver, people don’t actually describe their coffee. We just say it’s a good place to go but never really go into details to say why. I also believe that we all have our own preferences in taste and it is always a mixed review wherever you go eat or drink. Vancouverites tend to believe that everything is the best when I look on Instagram. Everything is soooooo delicious. And everyone is a foodie…

If you haven’t been, go check them out. They also sell their own brand of merchandise and even beer jelly.

For more information:


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