Marta Manhatten, New York

We were on vacation in New York and the kid goes “I want to eat duck.” Now, where was I supposed to find her duck when I was in the middle of Korea Town shopping for books to learn Korean? I googled and researched restaurants nearby. I came across the menu for Marta Manhatten. “Anatra: crispy duck confit, pistachios, radicchio, trevisano, cherries, balsamic” Just the place we want to try after looking at the menu. They seem to be known for their pizzas but the kid just wanted duck…sigh

We walked over from K-town and Marta was inside the Redbury New York Hotel north of Madison Square Park. 

Thank you Chef Ben O’ Sullivan and his team for making our lunch that day. It was delicious and my kid ate the entire duck confit. And, of course she left the radicchio for me. We also ordered the “smoked arctic char salad, trout roe, gluten free everything cracker” Would love to go back to try their pizzas one day.

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