Sobaya, New York

There are restaurants in Vancouver that make the soba in-house and I will be visiting one soon to check it off the list. But how often do you get to watch the chef make the soba? 

What I enjoyed about Sobaya was the whole experience of watching the chef make the noodles before you eat it. My kid loved standing there watching and asking questions. The chef was in the middle of the seating area behind a glass wall and started kneading dough, rolling it, and cutting the dough into very thin pieces guided by a wooden board. He definitely demonstrated his knife skills. It felt like he made it just us even though our order came out from the kitchen. I ordered the soba in soup and it came out hot. The noodles were just right, not too soft. The bento lunch set came with salmon, rice, salad, vegetables, and tempura. The meal was delicious. I love watching chefs cook and it makes me appreciate my food more when I see the effort put into it. 



Visit them in New York, they have much more on their menu:

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  1. 1world2feet says:

    That food looks delicious!


    1. I saw pictures of uni bowls afterwards! Wish I ordered that too!


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