San Diego, California

Continuation of our previous post on must go places in San Diego. No 1 was La Jolla(previous post)

No 2 Old town, Seaport village, Gaslamp, Little Italy and Pacific Beach. We had lunch in old town and dinner at Little Italy.

I put these together because we were able to cover it in one day. It may take you longer if you spend more time there. With a toddler we couldn’t stay too long in each spot. We also rented a car to get around. We ate at Cafe Coyote and I don’t think you can go wrong ordering anything on their menu. It’s authentic Mexican and might not be the best of San Diego, but it was better than some of the Mexican food in Vancouver. Try Davanti Enoteca and you must order the focaccia di Recco & honeycomb
Ligurian style baked focaccia with soft cow cheese served with a honeycomb. We also had pasta and a burger there but it was dark and the photos didn’t turn out that nice. Brunch, can’t remember the name of the restaurant.


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