Attractions: Balboa Park / San Diego Zoo / Legoland / Coronado Island, San Diego California

You can’t leave San Diego without going to the following attractions!

Balboa Park is a cultural park consisting of museums, open space, gardens, theatres, and walking paths. There are 16 museums in Balboa Park. We recommend Museum of Art, Mingei Museum, Museum of Photography, Museum of Man, Natural History Museum, Modern Railway Museum. But of course, it’s based on your interests. You can easily spend an entire day at the park. 


The San Diego Zoo is inside Balboa Park but we drove there. It’s far to walk in the heat! Kids can probably spend the entire day at the zoo. Tickets are not cheap for Canadians. I recommend you looking into a San Diego Go Card which includes 35 attractions if it saves you money depending on which attractions you want to go to. For us, it was cheaper to purchase tickets individually so we didn’t buy it.



And of course you can’t miss Legoland and Legosea.  There are many combinations and types of tickets you can buy and we got this one. The water park was closed for maintenance the time we went so we didn’t go. Purchasing in advance saves you money, but you must know which day you want to go.


If you are looking for playgrounds, there is one one the way to Coronado Island and we spent an hour there before playing at the beach! There is an endless list of things to do on the island but we wanted to be beach bums that day. 


Enjoy your vacation planning for San Diego!

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