Mr Red Cafe, Broadway, Vancouver

I have been going to Mr Red Cafe Hastings since it opened on East Hastings. Glad they opened a second location on West Broadway. It’s more spacious, it’s new and it’s just more convenient for us. Everytime I go, I just want to order everything off the menu. I was told the Broadway location has an expanded menu that is different from their old location. I will just talk about what we ate today, since I lost count how many times we have been to both locations. It’s a family run restaurant owned by Chef Hong Nguyen and his wife Rose. It is always busy no matter what time of the day. There are line ups out the door sometimes. You will see the people working at the back running out to clear the tables and people running around trying to take orders and serve food. It never seems like there are enough staff to serve you but somehow they always pull it off. I haven’t had any issues and the service is never lacking but it’s not a fine dining restaurant if you are looking for that kind of service.  Tip: Try to pay up front when you are done instead of waiting for the cheque. It’s much faster. The food is always consistent and they cook everything from scratch. Tip: I was told to order desserts the same time you place your order for your appetizers and entrees because they need time to prepare it. Tip: try their crab rolls and beef rolls with mint and of course their noodle soups

The beef was very tender and the broth was seasoned just right. My kid loved it. Hanoi beef stew noodlesoup, pho sotvang 
I always crave the Vietnamese crispy fried pancakes banhxeo! I remember eating this at the markets in Hanoi. 

Deep fried pork marinated with galangal(a rhizome root that looks like ginger but isn’t the same) and lemongrass. This one is for the kids. She is a carnivore. I don’t really like deep fried foods.

  Menu says Vong village green young sticky rice dessert. I read about Vong Village in Hanoi and it is known for com, a young sticky rice. I will need to do more research on this one since it’s my first time eating it. 

On the menu it’s called Vietnamese sweet rice coconut bean pudding. I normally don’t like to eat beans, but I will eat it if it’s in this!

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