Exclusive Interview: Chef Mitchell Barr, Lupulo, New York

I booked Lupulo weeks in advance when we planned our trip to New York. Lupulo is opened by Michelin-starred Chef, George Mendes who also opened Aldea. The night I went, he wasn’t at Lupulo and I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to meet him. But, I had a pleasant surprise meeting the sous chef – Mitchell Barr!

As I walked in, I saw the inspirations of famed cervejarias (breweries) of Lisbon. In the center you will see a raw bar full of seafood and a charcuterie station. I quickly saw the large prawns that I knew I wanted to try. My eyes were drawn to the walls of blue and white tiles. There were wooden accents throughout the restaurant and Mendes collected souvenirs from his travels from Portugal and displayed it on the walls.

I stayed in touch with Chef Mitchell (Chef de Cuisine) after we left New York and even with his busy schedule, he was able to squeeze in an interview.

Q:How did you become a chef?

A: I started working as a dishwasher at a french bistro when I was 14. Within a few months of helping them prep vegetables I was promoted to breakfast cook. I’ve been working in a kitchen ever since.

Q:Where were you before working at Lupulo. A: Before lupulo I was at The Clocktower.

Q: What is your favourite food?                       A:My favourite food is seafood.

Q: What do you cook at home when you are not at Lupulo?                                                               A:The meal I make the most at home would have to be breakfast. Potato rosti with salmon caviar on special occasions.

Q:  Where do chefs eat after work?                        A:I love to get Korean or Japanese food after a long work day or my local slice joint San Marco in Williamsburg. My favorite cuisines would have to be Spanish, French, Korean and Japanese. Izakaya Hagi, Wonjo Corner Bistro are my favourite after work spots .

Thank you again for filling our bellies with delicious food. This post is dedicated to the entire team at Lupulo that made our night a memorable one.

I got the prawns I wanted – grilled carbinero from Spain.

Salt cod croquette piri piri mayo. Best enjoyed hot! 
Portuguese Mackerel spread was very creamy and perfect on a thin crispy toast.

Grilled portugues sardines was one of my favourite dishes since I love seafood.
Young chicken with piri piri pepper. The chicken was very juicy and you have to eat it with the sauce. So spicy but so good.

Grilled asparagus for veggie lovers. For a carnivore, the 3 year old ate some.

Chicken liver pate , even a 3 year old tried it but she didn’t enjoy the pickles and mustard seeds

chocolate salami and banana ice cream. Of course the toddler devoured this one in seconds. 



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