Sitka and Spruce, Seattle

I like the concept of the open kitchen. I can watch Chef Logan Cox make everything from scratch and show his skills. I got extremely hungry from the smell of all the ingredients combined. The restaurant is very inviting with a communal high table in the center connected to the kitchen. On the other side of the restaurant are some white and green wooden tables and chairs decorated with a flower.

I shared this dish with my kid and she almost ate half of it!

Crispy pork belly, crunchy roasted romaine kale, potatoes, and Sitka spruce shoot in tahini sauce. I have read about Chef Logan and know he likes using the ingredient pork so I decided to try a pork dish.  He has worked for many high profile restaurants around the world.

I told him my kid doesn’t eat mustard seeds which was the original sauce and he quickly came up with a tahini sauce that had a tangy garlicky flavour. It was so delicious with the pork. I wish I could try more of the Sitka spruce shoot with other dishes too. I will definitely go back the next time I am in Seattle.

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