The Whale Wins, Seattle

One of the best meals we had at this cozy white and blue restaurant with a wood fired oven where Chef Marie cooks. The restaurant is by the award winning chef Renee Erickson, Jeremy Price and Chad Dale who runs The Walrus and the Carpenter. (On my wish list)

Togiak herring on toast with pickled onion. So simple and tasty.

Pea vines, artichoke, mustard seed and smoked paprika decorated with edible flowers. Veggie lovers will love this. I wasn’t a big fan of pea vines but have now found a new way to enjoy it.

Burata with green garlic, wild mint, toasted bread, and radishes. I prefer a softer bread but overall a delicious dish.

Wood fired oven and Chef Marie making everything from scratch.

The wood for the oven and a table full of fresh ingredients.

King salmon, fennel cream, shiitake and greens. We were pretty full after the first dishes, but this was so good we inhaled it.

No room for dessert!

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