Taiyaki, Snowy Village, Richmond, BC

This place is always busy. I didn’t have the patience to wait for a seat. I really wanted to try the shaved ice but it was too busy. Instead, I got the taiyaki to go. I think I still waited 20 minutes for it. And they gave me the wrong flavour. I ordered a red bean and got a sweet potato. Someone is eating my red bean as we speak. I hope they don’t make the same mistake the next time I go sit down and eat my shaved ice. I prefer not to wait over an hour for a seat though.

Snowy Village is a chain that originated from Korea. They specialize in patbingsu (shaved ice) and boong uh bang/ taiyaki, a fish shaped croissant they call it filled with red bean/custard/Nutella/sweet potato. It was quite crispy and fluffy. Usually it is made with a pancake or waffle mix with a chewy texture when I buy it in Japan. Can’t wait to try the shaved ice when the lines die down.

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