BC Gallery of Ceramics, Vancouver

I went to visit the BC Gallery of Ceramics today at Granville Island. If you are ever at Granville Island, go in and explore our local artists. The term ceramics includes porcelain, clay, stoneware and pottery. What is special about this gallery is it represents the best in BC since the work is chosen by a jury of accomplished artists in the ceramics community. The technical quality of the work and overall design of  how well parts are attached and the overall finish of the work are part of the consideration for which artists gets approved. There are other factors that make up the process to choose which artists are eligible but today, I just want to appreciate the designs I saw and not get into the details since I am not too familiar myself. I only took a few pictures of the artists’ work that attracted my attention. You may find something else you will like in there.

Artist Diane Espiritu

Artist Harriet Hiemstra and top row of second photo

Artist Jan Lovewell

Be sure to drop in to see the work of BC artists.


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