Busena Marine Park: Glass Bottom Boat and Busena Observatory, Okinawa, Japan

There are many attractions worth going to in Okinawa. To access different parts of the island, it’s best to rent a car. We stayed in Naha for a few days and moved up the island and stayed a total of 10 days. 3 different hotels but so glad we moved around the island to see more. Busena Observatory is in Nago-Shi. There is a trolley from the parking lot that takes you there after your glassbottom boat experience. The observatory is 170 meters away from Busena Cape and goes 4 meters underwater and has a 360 degree view of the ocean life. You will walk on a ramp out to the observatory. Once you get there, you have to go down a steep spiral staircase. If you have kids, best to leave the stroller in the car. You can’t bring it in the boat or to the observatory. There are windows everywhere once you get inside the observatory and you can view different types of fish swimming all around you.

The trolley

View of the observatory

Inside the observatory

The glassbottom boats

The water was very choppy and it was very windy the day we went onto the glassbottom boat. If you get seasick, I don’t recommend this attraction. I didn’t post the videos of the glassbottom boat but the waves were rough and unless you are a professional photographer, it might be difficult taking pictures of the fish while you are being rocked back and forth. There were times when I thought we were going to tip over because it was my first time in this kind of boat. It’s about a half hour ride. I got this straight from their website if you are interested in the exact types of fish.

More of my photos.


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