Chef Stefan Hartmann, Bauhaus, Vancouver

We spent Mother’s Day at Bauhaus with my family. I love the changing menu at Bauhaus. I am the type to always seek something different. Michelin star Chef Stefan Hartmann has a way to impress with his transformation of traditional dishes to something unique and creative. We love the Chef’s tasting menu. We tried it last time and again, the menu has already been changed which is great!

The current 6 course Chef’s tasting menu:


King Crab

Fennel / vanilla / lemon


Le vieux pin ‘ava’ Viogner, black sage bench, BC, Canada, 2011



Artichoke / red lentils / cilantro


Robert weil kiedricher riesling Trocken, rheingau, Germany, 2014


Fried Egg Yolk

Potato / herb sauce


Heidi schroeck weinbauerin in rust, grauburgunder, Burgenland, Austria, 2011


Duck Breast

Cauliflower / radishes / black sausage


Kunstler pinot noir, rheingau, Germany, 2013


Duck Confit

Dandelion / semolina dumpling / foie gra


Torbreck woodcutters shiraz, barossa valley, Australia, 2012


Buttermilk Parfait

Strawberry / spruce


Marzadro le dic’otto lune grappa stravecchia, trentino-alto adige, Italy

Mother’s Day Brunch

Bread basket

Sea – smoked salmon / horseradish / peppercress / red onion. This came with the omelette. The inside is egg white and on the outside it’s the egg yolk. When you cut open the omelette you can see the layers of yolk and white separated. They slow cooked it in the oven. It is even more amazing when you are eating the omelette together with the salmon. Maybe you prefer it separate but I mixed everything with each bite.

This one is a must try. It is my favourite. The Bauhaus schnitzel / white asparagus / poached egg / hollandaise It’s very tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Sooooooo delicious! It will make you want more. 

And for the kiddo some extremely delicious and well seasoned potatoes with apple juice. A healthier alternative to fries.

And don’t leave without ordering the deconstructed cheesecake. Good luck since their menu changes often, I hope you go soon so you get to try everything here!

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