Culinary Class, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Continuation of my previous post, here are SOME of the dishes I learnt to cook! I am not a chef by trade and this course was for beginners with no experience necessary! As long as you listen to the chef and follow instructions, you should be fine!

 I will also include some pictures of some of the restaurants I visited. Because it is not their current menu, I don’t want to mention the name of the restaurant associated with each photo in case people go there asking for the same dish! But you can see how fresh the ingredients are and look at the presentation of the dishes. And maybe get a little hungry? You probably want to eat something while you read this post. Quebec City has really good food and I was actually quite surprised! I recommend going to Toast, Le Lapin Sauté, Panache, Le Patriarche to name a few. To be honest, the restaurant scene changes a lot and there are probably lots I haven’t tried that are really good. Feel free to comment if you are from Quebec and let us know the lastest and greatest!

I made all these with a partner! Am I glad we had a partner to help each other out! I couldn’t have done it all myself! This was really not all we cooked. I think I gained 10 pounds from the trip!

grilled albert asparagus with cheddar and marinated mushrooms salad
chateau richer rolled and stuffed turkey breast with sun dried tomatoes
pea soup of the sugar shack relais des pins
waldorf salad
french canadian sugar pie with vanilla ice cream
fresh out of the oven!
pissaladiere Nicoise is Nice’s version of Italian pizza
cedar plank salmon with ginger maple syrup glaze
financier cups with maple ice cream du relais
stuffed zucchini Cote de Beaupre
chilled cucumber and avocado soup woth soicy glazed shrimp
beef steak salad Chicoutimi
quebec style Champagne and pineapple sorbet
molton dark chocolate cake with vanilla creme anglaise
upside down caramel banana cake of the charlevoix with coffee ice cream
venison steak with blackcurrent sauce from Liz Ouellet Farm and stuffed potatoes of saint anne de beaupre with old cheddar
gazpacho andaluz Jean Talon
vegetables a la grecque
roasted garlic potato cream soup and prawns saute with basil
grilled northern buffalo steaks with figs and maple syrup, potato rings, and tomato
butterfly stuffed pork loin Isle d’orleans style withootato darphin de l’Isle au Coudre
breton butter cake of Jaques Cartier with rosemary pear sorbet

Please excuse the lighting at the restaurants. It was very dark and I was still learning my old camera.

I hope this post will inspire you to take  a cooking class at least once anywhere in the world and experience what it’s like to be a chef. You will learn to appreciate the hard work of all chefs everytime you walk into a restaurant!

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