Exclusive Interview: The Cycling Croissant, Vancouver- pastries delivered to your door by bicycle

Have you ever woke up and asked “What’s for breakfast?” As a mom, it’s quite a dream to have fresh pastries delivered to my door every morning as often as I wish. Just order online before 5pm and set a date you want it delivered. It’s that simple. No delivery charges!  This isn’t exactly breakfast in bed, but it’s fresh baked pastries on the table. Some might say well, you can easily go buy the pastries the day before and eat it the next day. You don’t get the point. It’s fresh pastries baked the day of that are being delivered right away that morning! Samir and Cécile wake up at 5:30/6am every morning to pick up the pastries from local French bakeries and deliver it to you by bike rain or shine!
The two young entrepreneurs behind the company are Samir El Wali and Cécile Desbonnets who just moved to Vancouver 3 months ago from Montreal after graduating with Bachelor of Business in Administration degrees. Samir is from Morocco and Cécile is from France.

The pastries survived a photoshoot around the city by bike! I dug in as soon as I finished and tried everything. If I had to choose one favourite, it would have to be the croissant because it’s crispy and chewy on the outside and so moist, buttery, and soft on the inside. It’s a personal favourite. The next one I like is the raisin Danish. I like chewy textures. My 3 year old likes the almond croissant. To be honest, it’s all very fresh and delicious and you should try all of them and be the judge.


I really support them for being environmentally conscious and delivering by bike. This service is perfect for busy Vancouverites who want it delivered to their home or companies that need a delivery for corporate functions. They will also deliver for individual parties (non corporate events).

We had a fun photoshoot and here is the interview.

Q: How did you come up with the name Cycling Croissant? 

A: The croissant is the most popular french pastry and we wanted to be more than a regular company. We wanted to take part in the go green movement as Vancouver plans to be the greenest city in near the future, that’s why we chose to deliver by bicycle.

Q: How did you come up with the concept?

A: Our concept started with a simple idea: who doesn’t like to be served breakfast in bed? We also noticed that there was just a few breakfast delivery services in Vancouver focusing on American breakfast. Both of us grew up having viennoiseries for breakfast and we wanted to share our life-style. Moreover, many people are busy or lazy waking up and wondering what to have for breakfast.

Q: How quick can you deliver? Do you do same day delivery?

A:People place their orders online: they can chose the time and day they want their pastries delivered. They have to order before 5pm for next day delivery. Unfortunately, we don’t do same day delivery for now as we just started but this is something we are looking forward to implement.

Q: Where are the pastries from and who makes it? 

A: Unfortunately, we don’t have the “savoir-faire” to bake viennoiseries since we just graduated from a business school. We work with local bakeries: all their pastries are made every morning in Vancouver by French bakers with local products.

Q: Why should I choose to order pastries from the Cycling Croissant?

A: We offer French viennoiseries, freshly baked every morning with local products and we like to describe ourselves as an online bakery. Also, we are a small startup so our contact with customers is warmer and we do a personalized follow-up with them.
We understand that the cost of living in Vancouver is very expensive, that’s why we offer free delivery. Also, as Vancouver plans to be the greenest city in a near future, we thought it would be great to deliver our customers by bike!
Q: If I want to host a private party for 30 people, would you be able to take orders for that? (Non corporate event)

A: Yes we would. The person just has to send us an email with what he/she needs!

Q:What items are available on the menu?

A: We have the classic french viennoiseries : Croissant, Pain au chocolat, Almond croissant, almond pain au chocolat, apple turnover, raisin danish and mini pastries. We have gourmet options : different combinations of the products for a better price
We plan on expanding our product line with baguettes, macarons and muffins. We are also looking to offer fresh local organic juices to our customers in a near the future.

Q: When do you deliver?

A: 7am-noon, every day of the week!

Q: What is your delivery zone?

A: Downtown, Mount pleasant, South Granville, Kitsilano

Q: Do you charge for delivery? 

A: Always free for individuals

Before Sunday, first time customers get $10 off their order!

My followers get a special discount 15% off all orders. Enter code at checkout: WANDERLUST15

What are you waiting for? Have a lazy weekend and leave it to The Cycling Croissants! https://www.thecyclingcroissant.com

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