Exclusive Interview: Chef Mark Singson, Family Matters Episode IV POPUP, Roof Garten, Vancouver

I met Mark at a restaurant popup event recently. I think we found a lot of things in common especially our passion for food art and food styling. I am not a chef myself, but I believe experiencing food is equal parts visual presentation and taste. We must have spent a long time talking about food that night. I guess that is what happens when a Foodie meets a Chef – we talk about food! I found Mark a very inspiring person and it was probably that evening after dinner that we decided to work together on his upcoming “Family Matters episode IV” popup event happening Monday, August 22 at Roof Garten downtown.I asked Mark to show me his inspirations for the upcoming event but not reveal the menu. Mark invited me to photograph his work in his own kitchen. I watched him plate his masterpieces of food art. I watched him choose the ingredients carefully and he would know exactly where he wanted it on the plate. As a guest in his kitchen, I got to see him in his element, tapping into all his creativity and what he felt in that moment. In the past, I have seen him design flowers, leaves, and patterns with his sauces on a plain white plate. This time, he worked with plates that themselves have more colours and flowers.

photo credit : wanderlustfoodie

photo credit: wanderlustfoodie

photo credit: wanderlustfoodie

photo credit: wanderlustfoodie

photo credit : wanderlustfoodie

photo credit: wanderlustfoodie

photo credit: wanderlustfoodie

photo credit: wanderlustfoodie

photo credit: wanderlustfoodie

photo credit: wanderlustfoodie
While I was there, I had the opportunity to ask Mark a few questions.

What is Family Matters Popup?

“FAM has a variety of meanings to those who created it, but ultimately, it is inspired by the lifestyle of those who work on either side of the stoves. For the people who rarely have time to go spend with their families and loved ones, it’s the people they stand next to 16 hours a day who become their family. They know better than anyone, the shared experience of being together can create the strongest memories.

FAM’s mission is to bring the Vancouver food scene together through pop-up events – a platform that has the power to give the culinary community the opportunity to create a unique learning experience between collaborators. By opening pop-ups around the city, we are able to bring together like-minded individuals who are wanting to push the boundaries, learn from each other, test new concepts, and be innovative.

More importantly, we want to promote the many talents that Vancouver has to offer as well as offering a better understanding of how restaurants come to life. We are also taking the opportunity to demonstrate that when an industry come together great things happen.” Mark Singson 

 What inspires you every day? What are the goals you’re trying to achieve?

“How can we positively effect and fit into the existing Vancouver food scene? How can we give Vancouverites a unique dining experience, support our local Chef and food community, be a part of positively moving our industry forward, all the while staying true to our roots and approach to food and service. What keeps me passionate is my desire to find these answers every day in my work and I have seen some great success. Our team is driven to keep giving the best we have to you and the City, and we look forward to offering you a piece life’s pleasure through our love of food and community. From our family to yours, thank you and we’ll see you at the table.

My inspirations, come from what I used to eat as kid. I always love taking a twist to things. Food that I make at home is very different from food that I make at work, I think that’s what makes it very exciting for me. Inspiration for me comes from everywhere. I could even be inspired by a song lyric, or some artwork with amazing brush strokes. I know it sounds cliché but every plate is like a blank canvas.” – Mark Singson, Founder and Chef

photo credit: ddbg.photo / eat.food.joy
Episode IV will be held at the Roof Garten on Monday, Aug 22. Click here to get your tickets.


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